Antarctic continent

Tribute to 3D-Printing

Lenticular printing will be included in the Hall of Fame of Cartography
[12. November 2015] 

Our new map of the Antarctic continent and the seafloor of the Southern Ocean, which we have created with the TU Dresden’s Institute for Cartography, will be shown in the Hall of Fame of Cartography.

3D Visualization of the Antarctic
3D Visualization of the Antarctic (Photo: Lars Radig)

The Museum of the most important contemporary maps of the world in San Francisco wants to add our three-dimensional map of Antarctica to his collection. From January 2016 on the map will be shown in the american Map Gallery.

For the first time, the map simultaneously shows viewers three geographic layers: the Antarctic ice sheet, the landmasses it conceals, and the surrounding underwater landscape. It covers a total depth range of over 12,000 metres: from the ice sheet, down to the depths of the surrounding Southern Ocean.

The so-called lenticular print is a novelty: The scientists portrayed the Antarctic ice sheet, which is up to 4,800 metres thick, as a honeycombed grid structure, allowing viewers to see through it to the mountain ranges below.


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