Our LTER News describe all items of interest related to Helgoland Roads and all associated time series

December 2016

Temperature record at Helgoland Roads

Another year is coming to its end and we have processed the final data points for Helgoland. The results show that the water temperatures in 2016 produced the highest annual mean since measurements began in 2016

November 2016

New Videoplanktonrecorder system established at Helgoland

At the end of November a video plankton recorder (VPR) was established at the MARGATE experimental field which is operated by the BAH. From now on the VPR will support the Helgoland Roads zooplankton time series measurements. The VPR can shoot several images per second that will be analyzed with a special image recognition software. This exciting new instrument essentially collects passively, i.e. without the need for nets or other sampling equipment which can damage particularly fragile organisms. The VPR project is a collaboration between the von Thünen insitute, the AWI and the HZG and will facilitate a much more intensive zooplankton monitoring than was hitherto possible. An evaluation of the comparibility of the data collected with VPR and conventional methods now has to be the next step.

October 2016

Our mistery organism (see article in July 2016) has also appeared in live samples of Helgoland Roads now. We will now try to cultivate and sequence it to tease out its identity.

July 2016

What is this?

On our Helgoland transect cruise in July 2016 (station Elbe 7) we found these small cells the identity of which is as yet unknown to us. We already encountered them earlier in samples west of the English Channel. In Sylt they have also been observed already. But this is the first record from Helgoland. We will try to work out the identity of this organism of course and would be very happy to hear about reports from other regions. We often find the cells in what appears to be some kind of mucous envelope. The cells are clearly pigmented, oval and twisted around their long axis

We would be very interested in further observations of this taxon: Contact: Dr A Kraberg

September 2014

In September 2014 the potentially toxic dinoflagellate Dinophysis tripos was found at Helgoland Roads for the first time. It was also observed at Elbe Station 1 (close to Helgoland) of the Helgoland transect Roads