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Are there guided tours of the institute for the public?

Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven

Guided tours of the institute are offered at the headquarters in Bremerhaven.

Your contact person is Karin Hiller, phone ++49 (0)471/4831-2138, e-mail: Karin.Hiller(at) (office-hours: Tuesdays 1500 - 1700, Thursdays 1000 - 1200).

Please make your booking at least six weeks in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience should we not always be able to accommodate your tour requests.


Biological Institute Helgoland

The Aquarium of the Biological Institute Helgoland is a research, teaching and display aquarium and offers – apart from the usual opening times – guided tours "behind the scenes".

Participants get a close look into the work and operation of our aquarium.

We offer guided tours through the ecological laboratory (lobster rearing project) as well.

You can buy tickets for the guided tours at the ticket office of the aquarium.  Please find further information here.


As of July 2011 the Scientific Diving Centre at the Biological Institute Helgoland offers guided tours.  Team members give an insight into the scientific work and operation of the Diving Centre. Meeting point for the guided tours is in front of the Diving Centre at the „Binnenhafen“.

Participants: maximum of 15 per tour
adults 5.00 Euros; children (up to the age of 16) 3.00 Euros (ticket office at the aquarium!)

Please find information on the Scientific Diving Centre here.


Research Unit Potsdam

AWI-Building A 43

Our Research Unit Potsdam does not offer guided tours.

It participates regularly in the annual "Science Night Berlin/Potsdam", which is the top event in this area for people interested in the world of science.  Next scheduled date is 10 May 2014.

In exceptional cases school classes and other interested groups may visit the institute, provided that staff is available and it will not affect the daily research routine. Please send your enquiry to Dr Bernhard Diekmann (e-mail: Bernhard.Diekmann(at)


Wadden Sea Station Sylt

New Station Sylt

The "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt" - our co-operation partner - offers guided tours through the Wadden Sea Station Sylt, specifically in German language.

Upon special request you can book a guided tour in English; please contact the Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten.

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