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Map of the PALAOA area

Overview PALAOA area

The data stream is transmitted via wireless LAN from PALAOA to the German Neumayer Base. From there, a permanent satellite link transmits the data to the AWI in Germany.

You can listen to the underwater sound live from the Antarctic Ocean.  
More than 15000 km lie between Antarctica and the institute in Germany. Due to the limited bandwith of the satellite link, jamming of the WLAN link due to storms, or energy shortage, the connection might temporarily be down or scrammed. In this case, please dial in later!


See what you can hear

The spectrogram is a visual representation of the sounds recorded. The yellow tracks on the dark background indicate a sound. This visualisation helps scientists to measure and classify the sounds. The calls of a Weddell seal differ from those of other seals also in visual terms.

Spectrograms are directly transmitted to this webpage in regular intervals.

If you want to listen to our daily PALAOA recordings please click on the spektrogram, or use this link to our player.

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Project manager

Dr. Olaf Boebel