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Expedition Information

This text is intended for those who are going to carry out research at the Samoylov station.
It contains some background information about Siberia and Samoylov, some technical information on how to get there, and additional information about the daily live on Samoylov island which is good to know before your stay.

General Information
The Samoylov Station is built on the Samoylov island, located within the huge Lena River delta that represents the largest delta system of the circum-arctic land masses. The Lena Delta is located at the Laptev Sea coast between the Taimyr Peninsula and the New Siberian Islands. The closest town to Samoylov is Tiksi.

Access to the Station
Samoylov can be reached by Helikopter (45 min) or boat (12 h) from Tiksi which is regularly connected to Yakutsk and occasionally to Moscow and St. Petersburg via airport.

Samoylov is located at 72.2° N, 126.9° E.

Time zone
Standard time zone for Samoylov is UTC (CET) + 9 hours, in summer the central european summer time is used CEST + 9 hour, UTC + 10 hours.

Power supply
The power supply in Russia and on Samoylov are equal to europe. The power sockets on Samoylov are also identical to european while russian power plugs are a bit bigger in diameter so that not all german power plugs fit into russian power sockets. A diesel generator and a small wind generator provide the power.

Fresh water
Drinking water is supplied by a pumping system from a nearby lake.

You can wash youself twice a week in the sauna. For your clothes a washing machine and washing powder is available.

The kitchen is equiped with wood stove, gas stove, microwave, bread maker and coffee maker.

Midnight sun/polar night
From end of April to the beginning of August, the sun never sets. The real dark period, with the sun continuously below –8° below the horizon lasts from middle of November to the end of January.

Winter: dark, cold, snow cover (December-February)
Spring: bright, cold, snow cover (March-May)
Summer: bright, warm, humid, mud/rain (June-August)
Autumn: getting dark and cool, rain/snow (September-November)
< overview temperatures on Samoylov >

Practical information
Clothing, Outdoors
In winter and spring, special polar clothing is needed. Temperatures down to –30°C and below require special caution when going out. Also in summer and autumn winterclothes like cap, gloves and warm jacket are necessary.
In summer and autumn, the climate conditions are comparable to autumn and winter in central Europe. For land excursions in this period, especially in the summer, waterproof shoes are essential. Generelly it is very muddy on the unfrozen permafrost ground during July and August.
In the bright time of the year it is important to have good sunglases with you. Staying a longer time outside with sunshine on snowcover could seriously harm your eyes.
Clothing, Indoor
Normally the rooms are heated by the wood stove in the kitchen and the wood stove in the living room of the annex. To keep the rooms clean and dry you should bring indoor shoes.



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