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The expedition ARK-XXII/2

Weekly reports

28 July 2007: Between crates and containers

12 August 2007: Clean iron measurements in the deep sea

19 August 2007: Glaciations of the Kara Sea

25 August 2007: Atlantic Water flow – two uneven partners and their passengers

2 September 2007: Rain at the North Pole

10 September 2007: Ice at halftime

16 September 2007: Hunting for ice floes

24 September 2007: Fresh water and deep water traces


Expedition summary and itinerary

The expedition ARK-XXII/2 is a central contribution to the International Polar Year 2007/08 (IPY 2007/08). In particular it serves two objectives formulated in the IPY science plan:

  1. Status: To determine the present environmental status of the polar regions
  2. Change: To quantify, and understand, past and present natural environmental and social change in the polar regions; and to improve projections of future change


ARK-XXII/2 follows the strategy that these goals can only be achieved in co-operation with other expeditions. For the first time a synoptic survey of the physical, chemical and biological state of the entire Arctic Ocean will be carried out conjointly with other expeditions that take place at the same season (see www.asci-ipy for an overview) in a phase of rigorous climate change. For the assessment of the presently observed concurrent decrease in sea ice, warming of the upper ocean and the shifts in ocean circulation with the respective impacts of distribution of matter that is imported by river runoff and produced by ocean and ice organisms as well as on the biota itself such a comprehensive survey is necessary as a baseline for long-term observations.


In particular ARK-XXII/2 contributes to the following IPY projects:

  • SPACE:  Synoptic Pan-Arctic Climate and Environment Study,
  • GEOTRACES: Geotraces in the Arctic,
  • iAOOS (Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System,


as well as to the German-Russian project which is part of the bilateral list of joint research programmes VERITAS (Variability and Export of Riverine Matter into the Arctic Ocean and late (Paleo-) Environmental Significance). During the same time a large part of the work will be the implementation of the EU funded Integrated Programmes DAMOCLES (Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environment Studies).


In the context of IPY, ARK-XXII/2 takes its share in covering part of the Eurasian sector of the Arctic. In order to enable detection of decadal change the expedition is designed to repeat large-scale sections that were made in the nineties of the last century, such as Oden 1991, RV Polarstern 1993, 1995 and 1996. In this way spatial and temporal variations can be distinguished which is a prerequisite to assess the development of water masses, circulation, sea ice, as well as biological and biogeochemical parameters. During the same time a geological programme serves to investigate the distribution input from of river runoff at different climate conditions.


28 July 2007: Departure from Tromsø

30 July 2007: Start of station work

24 September: End of station work

07 October 2007: Arrival in Bremerhaven

Planned cruise track for Polarstern ARK-XXII/2

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Chief Scientist
Ursula Schauer

Eberhard Fahrbach


Additional information

Internationales Polarjahr (German)

International Polar Year (International)