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The expedition ANT-XXIV/3


Weekly reports

 13 April 2008: Across Drake Passage to Punta Arenas

 6 April 2008: GEOTRACES and moorings in Drake Passage

30 March 2008: Arrival at King George Island 

23 March 2008: Easter in the Weddell Sea

16 March 2008: From the Greenwich meridian into the Weddell Sea

9 March 2008: Sad times

24 February 2008: Across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current into the Weddell gyre

17 February 2008: Finally, we are at sea!


Expedition summary and itinerary

The observations during the cruise occur in the context of the International Polar Year 2007/2008 (IPY). It aims to coordinate forces globally to achieve a quasi-synoptic survey of the conditions in both polar areas to obtain a benchmark for future changes. In the GEOTRACES project the role of traces substances in the context of biogeochemical cycles is investigated. The CASO project (Climate of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean) takes up work which had started in the WECCON project (Weddell Sea convection control). It aims to investigate processes which occur in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean and Drake Passage. The observations occur jointly with the IPY GOOD-HOPE project which covers the northern part of the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. The part of the cruise in Drake Passage is part of the French programme DRAKE.

The cruise track leads from Cape Town to the Southwest until it meets the Greenwich meridian. A hydrographic transect will be done up to the Antarctic coast. After the supply of the Neumayer Station, a transect across the Weddell Sea will start at Kapp Norvegia and end at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. At King George Island an exchange of scientists will occur after which the station work continues across Drake Passage.


10 February 2008: Departure Cape Town
11 February 2008: Start station work
2 March 2008: Supply Neumayer Station
30 March 2008: Supply Dallmann Laboratory
13 April 2008: End of station work
16 April 2008: Arrival Punta Arenas

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Chief Scientist
Eberhard Fahrbach


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