We depend on the ocean for food, transportation, minerals and recreation. All maritime nations should participate in knowledge-based governance of the ocean. Education in marine science is key to secure the oceans as a sustainable resource.

The Nippon Foundation-POGO Centre of Excellence (NF-POGO CofE) provides world class education and training courses in the field of observational oceanography, since 2008. Starting in 2013, the NF-POGO CofE has been hosted by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany's foremost polar and marine research institution. The next training programme will start in autumn 2017.

Venue and Background

Located in the North Sea, the NF-POGO Centre of Excellence at AWI will be conducted on the offshore island of Helgoland and the UNESCO reserve Waddensea island of Sylt. Helgoland provides opportunities for the study of open-ocean sciences; shelf/basin interactions are topics of study at Sylt.

Course Synopsis

The training will promote excellence in integrated, multidisciplinary oceanography at a global scale. Scholars will receive ten months of training to include one month of formal introductory training, followed by more detailed courses emphasizing core skills (e.g. writing, scientific presentations, statistics and experimental design) and specialised scientific topics such as modelling, remote sensing, ocean-atmosphere interactions. Scholars will also receive training in instrumentation, sample collection and analytical protocols. Each scholar will conduct an independent research project during the programme. The scientific staff of AWI can mentor research projects in numerous fields as it is large in number and diverse, with strength in many areas of Observational Oceanography; the scientists on Helgoland and Sylt have unique expertise in biology, ecology, time-series work and coastal processes.

Previous student projects

APPLY NOW - join the NF-POGO Centre of Excellence

Apply for the next NF-POGO Centre of Excellence at the AWI on Helgoland and Sylt starting in October 2017. Your application should be submitted by 6th March 2017.

Applicants will be notified if they have been selected by end of May 2017.

Scholarships will be provided from NF-POGO through the CofE that cover travel, room, board, tuition, and a modest allowance for those students accepted into the programme.




POGO Scholars 2016/17

group picture of the 2016/2017 NF-POGO Centre of Excellence (Photo: Gioia Karnagel)

POGO Scholars 2015/16

In the dunes: the third year of POGO scholars (Photo: Eva Brodte)