The best photos 2015

Every year we appeal for an internal photo contest. All colleagues are invited to submit their best pictures of the year in the three categories "In the Field", "In the Lab" and "Our Team". Here we would like to present the most beautiful shots.

In the Field

In the category "In the Field" nature and landscape shots were predominant. The Neumayer Station III is one of the most photographed AWI pictures, but it is rarely seen in such a dramatic and beautiful way. Photographer Jölund Asseng succeeded this photo one evening shortly after the end of the polar day. In calm weather, fog swaths had formed just before sunset. The setting sun colored it bright red for a moment, disappeared, and then rose again an hour later. The other photographers of the excellent photos: Polar Bear (Mario Hoppmann); Auroras on Polarstern (Stefan Hendricks); burned „drunken forest“ with smoke (Ingmar Nitze).

In the Lab

Since the work on the new building at AWI Potsdam have started Lutz Schönicke photographed the site and their players regularly. For the workers it is almost an old acquaintance - and this also explains why Lutz Schönicke could climb to the tip of the construction crane to make this impressive photo. He also created the 360-degree view of the Potsdamer site. Other winners are René Bürgi (laser alignment in AWIPEV Obervatory), Jasmin Heiden (petri dishes) and Jölund Asseng (ice crystal from the abandoned Neumayer Station II).

Our Team

It all started quite peacefully: During a Polarstern expedition AWI staff decided to bake a birthday cake. But while preparing the blueberries for the cake they became very creative. The blueberries and food coloring became movie-makeup and the Polarstern-galley a show stage. Mario Hoppmann made a shot of the result which is our AWI team photo of the Year 2015. The other photos were taken by Isabell Eischeid (Looking through the floe) and Justine Ramage (hike to the drip line). In the picture of Christian Völkner AWI colleagues enjoy a tea break on Lagoon Iceland, Antarctica. Theresa Hargesheimer has photographed two colleagues on a Russian research vessel.