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EuroShrimp 2017

First international Symposium on Shrimp Farming in Europe

The European Shrimp Symposium EuroShrimp 2017 is the premier event for all firms and individuals involved with shrimp production in Europe. It's the only symposium of its kind that brings together shrimp farmers and managers, systems producers, diet producers, shrimp marketers and large scale seafood retailers under one roof.

EuroShrimp 2017 provides the platform for all industry parties as well as scientists developing new technologies to come together in Bremen, northern Germany and discuss the future of shrimp production in Europe. Guided by ten leading keynote speakers this symposium offers the latest information to attendees on all aspects of shrimp production and marketing in Europe.

Register to talk and network with industry leaders learn from experience worldwide. Join our breakout sessions to contribute to the discussion about the future of this exciting new sector of European high-end aquaculture production.

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Tu, 04.04.2017 - We, 05.04.2017
Where: SCHNOOR eleven, Wüstestätte 11, 28195 Bremen

Who: Alfred Wegener Institute

EuroShrimp 2017
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