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Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten
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Division:Geosciences | Periglacial Research
PACES II 1: Changes and regional feedbacks in Arctic and Antarctic | PACES II 1.3: Degrading permafrost landscapes; carbon, energy and water fluxes
Research Program:1. PACES 1.5: The Role of degrading Permafrost and Carbon Turnover in the Coastal, Shelf and Deep-Sea Environment
2. PACES 3.1: Past Polar Climate and inter-hemispheric Coupling


Address: Alfred Wegener Institute
Telegrafenberg A43
D-14473 Potsdam
(Building A43-121)
Telephones: +49(331)288-2100/2136
Fax: +49(331)288-2122
Publications: Publications, Presentations and Reports


Head of AWI Research Unit Potsdam; Head of Periglacial Dynamics section

Research Interests

Climate reconstruction; Permafrost Research; Isotope Geochemistry

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