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Prof. Dr. Gerrit Lohmann
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Division:Climate Sciences | Paleo-climate Dynamics

Research Program:1. PACES 3.1: Past Polar Climate and inter-hemispheric Coupling
2. PACES 3.2: Tectonic, Climate and Biosphere Development from Greenhouse to Icehouse
3. PACES 3.3: Proxy Development and Innovation: the Baseline for Progress in Paleoclimate Research
4. PACES 4.2: The Earth System on Long Time Scales


Address: Alfred Wegener Institute
Bussestrasse 24
D-27570 Bremerhaven
(Building F-301)
Telephones: +49(471)4831-1758
Fax: +49(471)4831-1149
Publications: Publications, Presentations and Reports


climate research & teaching, see for an overview:

Research Interests

Paleoclimate Dynamics; Environmental physics; Conceptual and low-dimensional systems; Paleoceanography; climate data analyses; thermohaline circulation

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