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Dr. Gerhard Dieckmann Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter
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Division:Biosciences | Polar Biological Oceanography

PACES II 1.2: Ice sheet dynamics and mass balance
PACES II 1.4: Arctic sea ice and its interaction with ocean and ecosystems
Research Program:1. PACES 1.3: A Bi-Polar Perspective of Sea Ice - Atmosphere - Ocean - Ecosystem Interactions
2. PACES 1.4: Antarctic Circumpolar Climate and Ecosystem Study
3. PACES 1.6: Ocean Warming and Acidification: Organisms and their changing Role in Marine Ecosystems


Address: Alfred Wegener Institute
Am Handelshafen 12
D-27570 Bremerhaven
(Building E-1005)
Telephones: +49(471)4831-1808
Fax: +49(471)4831-1149
Publications: Publications, Presentations and Reports


Leiter der Meereisbiologie und -biogeochemie

Research Interests

Sea ice ecology and biogeochemistry Platelet ice and Green Icebergs

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